Bandai Hobby HG IBO 1/144 Astaroth Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Action Figure

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A Gundam unit from the manga side story for “Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans”, it is a machine that has accumulated numerous on field repairs and no longer resembles its original form.

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It’s a-symmetric design features a strong suite of weapons including a massive folding sword known as the “Demolition Knife, rifle, and small knife. Kit features numerous hard point plugs for use with other HG IBO models. Runner x 6, sticker, instruction manual.

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3 reviews for Bandai Hobby HG IBO 1/144 Astaroth Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Action Figure

  1. GARY

    Very good details for 1/144 kit.

  2. John

    This is a great kit, and at the time of this writing it’s only $12.99 which is an absolute steal. Gundam Astaroth comes with a rifle, a knife, and- best of all – a giant, folding sword. Another thing that’s really cool about this kit is that it’s asymmetrical. The left and right arms/legs are different(the legs are only slightly different, but still worth noting). The left arm has a “giant hand” which is slightly articulated to make grasping the sword more impressive. Usually, I buy the ~$6 stands to go along with each of my gundams, as many kits don’t hold a dynamic pose easily/at all, but with this one you can use the sword as a “third leg” to keep it stable. Also, please note that on the photos I’m adding I’ve used a micron pen to go over the panel lines – all the little black lines will not be seen if you just build the kit out of the box, but I recommend any enthusiasts to invest as the difference in final product is easy to see.A additional notes not mentioned previously:Pros:-The sword folds up and can be stored as part of the backpack. This both looks cool and is easy to do.-The sword has a folding second handle, so it can be held with two hands for extra support if desired.Cons:-The mid-section is small compared to other models I’ve built. I’d be a little worried that the joint would loosen in a top-heavy pose.-There’s no way to store the small knife accessory on the gundam’s body – not that big of a deal, but worth noting.-Only one set of hands. Again, not a big deal as this guy comes with plenty of accessories to hold onto.Overall, well worth the buy!

  3. Jon 

    This was my favorite build so far! It turned out really well and looks really good. The sword is fantastic. I like how it transforms to fit on the back just like from the actual unit.

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