Bandai Hobby MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package Model Kit 1/100 Scale

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New version of BUILD STRIKE GUNDAM from “GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS” has arrived in MG form!

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Uses the proportions and styling of the MG Strike ver RM as a base. New features found only on the MG include landing gear for Build Booster, attachment points for weapons that can be mounted onto the CHOBAM shield and the ability for the beam pistol to be switch between gun forms.

About this item

  • Colored plastic
  • No glue required
  • Runner x22, Marking Sticker x1, Color Sticker x1, Dry Decal x1, Instruction Manual x1
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 7.7 in

4 reviews for Bandai Hobby MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package Model Kit 1/100 Scale

  1. xeobug

    There are a couple loose bits here and there but for a low priced 1/100 its an extremely good model, I’d absolutely reccommend it to anybody looking to start their gundam collection

  2. Xavier Olivas

    I must say that this MG has become my top favorite Gunpla that I have ever built so far.One thing to note is that the Build Strike is fictionally based on the Aile Strike Gundam, so the build process is similar to the MG Aile Strike Gundam RM.Now about the build quality of the gundam, I am quite impressed with it after a straight build. It’s solid as a rock, can pull off almost any action pose with ease, and there are plenty of accessories that come with it as well, including the Build Booster.This MG does come with it’s own base, but I do recommend getting an action base for more possibilities and aerial poses.Overall, I love the MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new Gunpla to add to their collection, beginners, and fans of the Gundam Build Fighters anime.

  3. Jay Mac

    Sei Iori would be happy with this kit. Very posable and I havent had a problem with many pieces falling off. Even better with the Universal Booster to make the Star Build Strike. Put this bad boy on an Action Base and you have a kit that will get a lot of attention. My only problem is that they could have included a RG system type effect or even a build knuckle. But still a fun kit.

  4. Kid Firestorm

    After watching Gundam Build Fighters and seeing what they did to the Strike Gundam I had to get this Model. It’s been a few years since my last Gundam Model and this was my first Master Grade. The build was quick and easy. I built it in 2 days but really you could do it in a few hours if you’re doing a straight snap build. Its line art is great and possibility is the best I’ve seen out of Gundam kits. It’s triggered a buying spree for me because I just bought 3 more Master Grades. If you’re new to Gunpla in general this is a great kit to start with as it’s easy to build and looks great in any pose you put it in. I highly recommend it.

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