Bandai Hobby PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Model Kit (1/60 Scale)

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The titular mecha design from the 7 episode OVA “Gundam UC,” receives the Perfect Grade treatment!

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A massive 14″ tall, it is capable of transformation from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Modes and also a hidden third form. It has been engineered to also replicate its massive range of movement while still maintaining its iconic proportion and look. Other features include the use of magnets for its transforming horn, a full armament of weapons including beam magnum, shield, beam sabers, hyper bazooka, extra ammo cartridges, and twin gatling guns. Display stand included. Runner x 47, Slide Mark x1, Foil Sticker x1, Instruction Manual x1.

Weight 105.0 lbs

6 reviews for Bandai Hobby PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Model Kit (1/60 Scale)

  1. Matthew N.

    This was my first Perfect Grade kit, and I know it’s not the best perfect grade to start with, but mine turned out looking amazing. The only real downfalls this kit has are in the head and shoulder pads. The visor face in Unicorn mode is rather loose and the tops of the shoulders are especially loose in Destroy Mode, but other than that this kit is great. The transformation gimmick the kit has is very well implemented, aside from the face plate and shoulders. Of course, this model kit is not the easiest, and I had a pretty challenging time building this kit, but the overall look is amazing, even unpainted.

  2. Ac

    this is cheaper than getting in HKG or Japan, shipped to your door, can’t ask for more. it is not easy to build but it is the point. i also go the LED kit which is a must. but now knowing they made the after market one for 10% of the OEM one, wish i know that before hand. must have for gundam fans!

  3. philip ballerstein

    This is my first Perfect Grade model and I have to say that it does not disappoint. The packaging is well done. The box that it comes in can be used as a sort of display, showing off the possibilities of the model.Building and then applying the decals took me about 16 hours. I made sure to take my time and I’m glad I did. I added on the LED unit kit and I highly recommend adding it to the model.The ability to transform the Unicorn into destroy mode is purely awesome. I highly recommend this model to anyone that is into Gunpla.

  4. Stone 

    To date, my favorite PG. (I have built each PG since the RX-78 and both early Zaku’s all the way to this release.) The best Perfect Grade Bandai has put out in my opinion. My ONLY gripe is the decals. There should have been water slides or dry decals, instead of all the stickers. But I usually paint and weather more than decal it up.The build is incredible, the base stand looks perfect on a shelf. By far the best PG.

  5. Public name 337

    $325.00, 25 hours of panel lining, clipping parts, assembly and wiring. Epic results. Beautiful without the LED kit (sold separately) But it’s a waste not to put it in. Either transformation mode is beautiful with the lights. And unicorn mode it gives the effect of power bursting through the seam lines. Photographs do it no justice though due to the extreme brightness of the blacklight LED kit. Wiring is difficult. YouTube has a few to videos on how to do so. Look for the one produced by Hobby link.

  6. Khalid O.

     Great model, I enjoyed putting it together. First the box was amazing, it seemed overwhelming when I pulled out all of the pieces and laid them out. Instructions came with the directions to install the LED kit also sold on amazon. Took about 11 hours to build lots of fun and lots of tiny parts. Pointy tweezers help big time but once it all started coming together it was amazing. A must have for gundam collectors.

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